LPG Safety


    • Always keep the LPG valve / regulator switched off when your gas stove / oven is not in use, especially at night and when going on a holiday.
    • Always store the LPG cylinder in an upright position and away from other combustible and flammable materials. Store no more than one spare LPG cylinder at any given time.
    • Always ventilate your LPG cylinder storage area.
    • Never tamper with your LPG cylinder.
    • Make sure all parts of the installation are in good condition. If you should find anything wrong with any part, contact your distributor immediately and ask for assistance.

    5 Points Safety Check

    • Regulator: Check the regulator to ensure it is not worn out or expired. Change the regulator every five years.
    • Rubber Hose: Check the rubber hose to ensure it is not worn out or expired. Change the rubber hose every two years.
    • Hose Clips: Check the hose clips to ensure that they are in good working condition and properly secured.
    • Cylinder: Check the LPG cylinder for cracks.
    • Leak Test: Check for gas leaks by applying soap solution on cylinder joints. The appearance of soap bubbles will indicate a leak point. Do not use an open flame to detect leaks.